About Us

The Center Message:

The message of the E-Courses Production Center replies on improving the learning output, supporting the university in dealing with the E-Courses, transforming courses from the traditional way -paper books- to E-Courses as one of the modern ways in learning to improve the interaction between the teachers and students without compliance of time or place. This will widen the educational concept, improve the standard of education and provide students and university staff members with remarkable experience in dealing with new technologies and help them implement this experience of use during the teaching process.

Center Services:

  • E-courses Production Service –transforming the courses from the traditional way to the E-course way.
  • Provides the required training to the university staff members and their assistant on how to deal with E-Courses on the moodle on the NELC site.
  • Provides the required training to students on how to deal and access their E-Courses and how to interact through it with the university staff members.
  • Hold training workshops about E-Courses.
  • Develop electronic exams systems.

 Center Objectives:

  1. Spreading the E-Learning culture and highlighting its benefits.
  2. Accommodating the required preparations for the university members to know how to deal with E-Courses.
  3. Producing E-Courses and providing experiences in this field.
  4. Training university staff members on how the manage their E-Courses.
  5. Encouraging and training the university students on how to use E-Courses.
  6. Provide the required training for the technical personnel staff members to spread the knowledge for how to design the E-Courses.
  7. Provide the opportunity to vast number of the society members to train and practice how to use the E-Courses.
  8. Overcome the barriers of time and space.
  9. Expand student's perception and concept of education through validating variety of information sources and application methods.
  10. Reduces the educational cost for the long term courses (whereas the E-Learning saves up to 40% of the traditional classic way of learning costs).
  11. Reduce the fears and concerns of highly anxious students and the students with low capabilities, which will help in increasing their boldness in expressing their opinions, thoughts, and discussing their researches; which will increase their self-esteem and confrontation.
  12. Speeding up the process of developing the curriculums and programs to cope up with the meantime life requirements, as well as to reduce the development costs.
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