Manager Vision

In order to achieve the role of universities in the service of society and the development of the environment and the important and vital role that it aims at and through the specialized scientific cadres at the highest level of science and knowledge, which through these distinguished expertise can direct research and graduate studies to solve societal and environmental problems. The observer is convinced that we are living in a world that has reached a stage of scientific and technological progress, which has made it one country in which the strongest is struggling. Scientific and technological progress in the sciences of communication, computers and information has made it a leader in science and information. There are no longer any barriers between countries. We must work to advance the scarcity of global technology so that we can achieve the welfare of our people and restore our civilisation. The university in turn is the pioneer of the society that lights up and the locomotive that leads to achieving its scientific status among the countries of the world by achieving its mission in serving the community and developing the environment, working to achieve the highest quality of education at the lowest possible cost, And continued in a distinguished administrative style.

The Center for the production of electronic courses in the university has an important and effective role in the educational process and this is reflected in different aspects, which facilitates the role of faculty members in the teaching process and the service of university students. Therefore, the center manager to develop an effective strategy for the work aimed at achieving through mechanisms and methods to be formulated with members of the team To achieve the best use of human and material resources.


Suggested tasks and activities:

In addition to all the services provided by the Center for the production of electronic courses, from training faculty members of the various colleges to activate and develop their courses, electronic testing system, and others. I see that there are many other tasks and activities that can be achieved within the Center:

To assist the university in carrying out its mission both in the field of student education and training in the field of research and scientific research aimed at solving the real problems faced by e-learning at the University.
To spread the culture of the use of information technology in the educational process between our generations of students and students because of their importance in their daily lives and encourage them to see and communicate and interact with the educational stage.
To help the faculty members to develop their teaching skills, which in turn is reflected in the development of education and the creation of new creative methods.
To employ the specialised and public social networks in the educational process to achieve effective communication, continuous communication and effective participation among the members of the process to achieve maximum benefit.
A design of new IT-based service interfaces to offer two sets of services associated with the teaching process, namely paid e-services and premium paid e-services, so that students who are able to access educational services can have a high level of service and franchise, as well as self-financing modules.
Designing intelligent information systems and implementing advanced mobile software to serve the teaching process, communication and effective communication to achieve the quality of education.
Contribute to the implementation of projects that serve e-learning in various faculties within the university and provide technical support and supervision of exploration units.

Dr. Abdul Aziz Shehab

Teacher at the Faculty of Computing and Information

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